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Bertin Bistro and Restaurant, Dubai

Good day to all of you, we hope you had a great weekend. We did. Thursday night at home, Friday night out and about in Jumeirah Lakes Towers – drinks at the one and only Healey’s Bar & Terrace at the Bonnington and Saturday out and about on a new adventure in Al Safa, Dubai.


Avoiding the usual visit to Jones The Grocer, we decided to try out Bertin Bistro and Restaurant. It opened some time ago and looked quite classy from the outside. Up on arrival a great looking young lady, dressed in an even better looking black – pink welcomed us and offered us a table for two. We sat down and looked through the menu.


The first four pages described the development and history of Bertin. The remaining pages offered a variety of fresh fruit juices, salads and healthy main courses such as Sensational Tuna served on freshly backed bread and rocket salad, sea bass or spinach ricotta Linguini. While one of us was waiting for our orders to be taken up, the other one walked around taking pictures.


After a couple of minutes and a few more images of chefs creating meals in the open kitchen on our Samsung, we found that none of the waitresses even thought about taking up our order. We would not say that they were too busy do so, neither would we say that they were bored; they just did not show any interest in serving guests at all.


We attempted to establish eye contact with one of them, who had been leaning on the counter next to us, staring at her finger nails. Once the eye contact had been established, she finally walked over and had pen and paper ready to take note of what we intended to try.


Tuna Sensation, an authentic Wiener Schnitzel, a Tropical Sensation and Mixed Berries juice was all we wanted on this day. The juiced took 12 minutes to be served, the food another 10 minutes. Fair enough, however considering only a third of the bistro had been occupied, we expected a little more. Not to our surprise, what we ordered tasted great. The level of service however, and the delivery time did not only concern us; we happened to overhear a conversation between the floor manager and an Indian family on the table next to us….


The family (two adults and 3 children) ordered a couple of teas and juices, pastries with and without sausages as well as breakfast items. First of all some of the drinks ordered were wrong and sent back initially; second, and more dramatic however, the head of the family shared that they had to wait more than 45 minutes for their orders to arrive. The floor manager listened carefully, said she would follow up, left and stormed to the kitchen. On the way there she stopped next to the waitress who had served us initially, and asked her if they really had to wait for such a long time. The waitress, looked at her hands again (later on we noticed the same were covered in tattoos) and just laughed: “Yes they did!”


We were shocked. Not about the tattoos (they actually looked quite cool) but about her attitude. Her service was slow and emotionless, her attitude rather living – room – relaxed than up to expectations; her female colleagues serving others did not really appear more hospitality oriented unfortunately – which is a shame for a place with so much potential and delicious food.


What about the floor manager you might wonder now? What do you think? She was the only one who demonstrated customer service skills and initiative, and did not have any other choice than inviting the family on the house…

We hope to be able to share better reviews with you in near future. Keep exploring,


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  • Did you see my review? I agree the service was slow the day we visited as well. The bread was more than disappointing! has potential though.

    April 12, 2015 at 4:21 pm

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