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Belgian Beer Cafe, Tecom Dubai

Who has not been there yet? We honestly do not know a lot of people who had never been to one of the three “BBC’s” in town. For brunch our favorite one of them is the Belgian Beer Cafe in Festival City, because it has the nicest view. For watching the FIFA World Championship however, our favorite is the one in Tecom. 

My other (better) half being German, we obviously had to go out to watch the first match the German team was scheduled for in this year’s FIFA, and it was the one they won against Portugal. A great match by the way. The match however, was not only great to watch because we combined it with a dinner with friends, but also because the service was amazing. 

These days it is hard to find a good spot in a bar or restaurant that features the FIFA. Every citizen of Dubai, seems to have caught what they casually call the “FIFA fever”. The whole town is crazy about the matches, and every bar is packed with fans supporting their country’s national team. Being a fan of the German team, as well as the Belgian Beer Cafe, we, as mentioned watched the game there. The experience however did not only start once we took a seat on that day, it started 8 hours prior to that when we wanted to make a reservation for the same night. 

We called the BBC at 12:30 and spoke to a lady called Valentina. Valentina took down the number of guests, the name and the time, but when she heard that the reservation was for the same night she said: “Unfortunately we are fully booked. I am not too sure if you would be able to see the screen. If you mainly come for dinner, than I can definitely guarantee you to have a table, but if the reason you come for dinner is backed up by the idea of watching the match, I am afraid it will be hard for you to see the screen…”

We appreciated the honest and valuable piece of information she shared with us, thanked her and told her that we would come to have dinner there anyways. If there was a chance to see the screen it would be even better, but considering we called that late we would not expect her to be able to get us a good spot. 

Valentina said that she would try what she could, but did not want to promise us too much. When we entered the Belgian Beer Cafe just before 8 pm on the same night, we immediately spotted Valentina. we greeted her, gave her the name and she personally accompanied us to our table. It was right in – front of the screen. Great. We were amazed and delighted by Valentina and what she had arranged for us on that evening, as the restaurant downstairs, as well as the bar upstairs were more than packed on that evening. 

A big thank you to Valentina and her team for the great evening, and best of luck to the German football team for the FIFA 2014.

Stay curious, 


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