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Barista Espresso – Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

A wonderful day to all of you out there. We hope that you had a great weekend and an even better start into the week. We started our week by a re-take coaching session early morning and chose Barista Espresso, at the Mall of the Emirates as our preferred venue. The small corner cafe, offers a wide range of freshly prepared smoothies, shakes and varieties of coffee. One thing that they are know for is, that they use Italian coffee beans only, whether is an Espresso, Latte Machiato or Iced Cappuccino. Barista Espresso, also offers a choice of salads, healthy sandwiches and pasties. Out of experience we can say that the best time to go there is between 8 am and 11 am. The mall is not as busy at that time, the noise level is kept at a minimum and the employees serve and welcome you with a fresh and energetic mind. We love it, because their positive energy is what gets us going early morning.


Today however was the first time that we realized the greatest advantage, Barista has in comparison to other cafes. They coffees are huge. We do not mean the richness of the flavor or the cookies that come along, we mean the size of the mugs. It was the first time that we were asked if we wanted a small or a regular Cappuccino, and as we did not have a lot of time to spend there this morning, we asked for a small one only. When the coffee was served, we looked at the waiter, eyes wide open and said: “We asked for a small one, didn’t we?”


He smiled at us and answered: “Yes you did. That is the small one. Enjoy”. He waited for us to take the first sip, smiled again and left. We did not expect the coffee to be that big, and when we say big, we mean huge – considering that we ordered a small one.

The price was adequate, the service was kind and quick and our expectations this morning were definitely exceeded. Because of that, and because of the coffee’s rich flavor, we thought our experience with Barista Espresso, was worth sharing with you.

Have a beautiful day,


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