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Bagels and More – Delivery Service with a bad taste

Good morning everyone,

it is just about time for the weekend but also another review.

Unfortunately, this time we did not have the most pleasant experience. As it has been a long working week, we were thinking of ordering in a late breakfast and early lunch. So what could be better than fresh bagels.

Bagels and More, located in Marina Dubai, offers a delivery service to Jumeirah Lakes Towers and so we went on their website to see what they offer. The website itself is a bit of a hassle, as the menu keeps moving left to right and even if you click on it, it will disappear after a couple of seconds, which makes it difficult to read. So we decided to call them and place our order directly.

Ms.Rose, took our order and informed us that it would take 45 minutes maximum. She was very kind and repeated our order: 2 white sesame bagels with creme cheese and salmon, 2 chocolate chip bagels with Nutella and 2 plain cinnamon raisins bagels.

To our surprise we did not have to wait more than 28 minutes until Mr. Shahid arrived at the office with our bagels.

The bagels were delivered in a brown paper bag, our receipt and a copy of their menu.


The total bill for 6 bagels was 70 AED only, which was great value for money, so we thought. However when we opened up our bag, we had to discover that not all our bagels have been delivered.


We were charged the full amount, but not received what we have paid for. Again we had to call up Bagels and More to inform them about the incident. The lady on the phone said she did not know what to do, and we had to wait for Ms. Rose to attend the phone. After staying on the line for 3 minutes and waiting, Ms. Rose attended the call and we explained what went wrong. She said:”I am sorry, but it was not me who was packing the bagels in the bag, I just took the order.”

Well, thinking about Complaint Handling Techniques, we have the impression that Ms. Rose has to attend a couple of training sessions. Blaming someone else in the company for a service failure leaves a bad and unprofessional impression behind. However, she ensured that the missing bagels will be delivered shortly and hang up the phone.

Again we had to wait. Finally, after another 25 minutes, the bagels arrived and we were about to start our office breakfast – lunch.

The chocolate chip bagels with Nutella were great, so were the cinnamon raisin bagels. All of them moist and fresh and just as we expected them to taste. However the creme cheese and salmon bagels tasted a bit funny. We shared the first one and myself as well as my colleague did not really enjoy the taste of the salmon. The slices of salmon were very thick and unfortunately, when having a closer look at the fish, we saw that inside and on the edges, the salmon had a white to yellow and gray color. This was the explanation of the strong smell and bizarre taste. The fish did not seem to be fresh at all, which in the end put us off and we did not finish the salmon bagels.


The initial idea of serving fresh bagels and even offering delivery services is great. However, charging customers for the entire amount and not delivering all items paid for, as well as delivering food of such as low quality did not give us the best impression.

We really thought that having a bagel place around the corner, would make us become one of their best customers, but  now we are not too sure if we will give it another chance and order again in future.

The Bad: The website, is not what we would call very user friendly as the menu keeps moving and even downloading the menu, only the first page appears on the screen. The way Ms. Rose explained it was not her who packed up the delivery and blamed others for the missing items, as well as the salmon bagel itself, left a bit of a bad taste behind.

The Good: As said, the initial idea of offering bagels for delivery is great, however I think that the overall approach needs a new concept and a lot of customer service training.

We wish you all the best and hope you make the best of your bagels in future.

Enjoy the weekend.


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