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Aprons & Hammers, JBR Barasti, Dubai

Good morning to all of you.

We hope you had a great long weekend so far!

Having a cup of freshly brewed coffee, we sat down this morning to share last night’s experience at Aprons & Hammers with you. We were super excited to go there, as it has been more than a year and booked a table for 7 people the day before. Six adults and one child.

We arrived by Ueber- Taxi and got out in front of Barasti as we had some time to spend before entering the swimming restaurant and walked down to Aprons & Hammers, enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Marina (if you have a reservation, you can also drive down to the restaurant).

Aprons and Hammers

Up on arrival we saw that our friends had just entered the boat minutes before us, as they were waving down from the upper deck of the Dhow. We were excited and looking forward to the food, the aprons and to having a good time with friends and family. We entered the boat and were greeted friendly. The place looked busy, and therefore we decided not to wait until someone would accompany us upstairs, and marched on ourselves.

Once we sat down, two waiters arrived, asked if we felt comfortable on the table or if we wanted to move to a slightly bigger one. We denied and started looking through the menu. Minutes later, bread and butter was served and our food order had been noted down and reconfirmed. The service was spot on and super fast – at least in the beginning.

Crab buckets

Drinks were served and followed by our starters, only 9 minutes after we placed the order. We were impressed and started digging in the fried calamari and crab cakes. So far so good. The starters tasted lovely and we enjoyed the food and the beautiful view from the upper deck of the boat. As the weather is getting better and better everyday and the humidity decreased over the last weeks, we did not feel as hot as expected.

We were half way through the starters and just put on our aprons, as the crab and shrimp buckets arrived. As said, through out the first half of the evening the service was attentive and quick. Besides the buckets filled with shell fish, we also ordered some fries, corn on the cob and a fish – chicken paella for two.

Fish-chicken paella

Once the main course was served, the service staff disappeared, not physically but mentally. It was not until we asked for the plates and buckets to be taken away or the bill to be served until someone approached our table again. No one offered us a bowl of lemon water to clean our hands, no one offered us another round of drinks or asked if we wanted to order anything else. The service staff did not notice that they forgot to serve the corn we ordered, but as our tummies were filled with shell fish and fries we decided not to mention anything, until we checked the bill – the corn had not been charged anyways.

It got more and more humid as the night progressed, out glasses were empty and for another 40 minutes no one stopped by our spot to check on us. As said, at some point we felt too hot and too disappointed about the drastic drop down in attentiveness and waved over the cashier, asking for our bill.

Overall, we have to say that we expected the service to be more personalized and attentive from the beginning until the end, and left a little bit disappointed. In comparison to our visit last year, the quality of food stayed the same however the quality in service decreased obviously.

Luckily, there are many other Aprons & Hammers around town, and therefore we decided to check out one of the other branches the next time we crave for shell fish and paella again.

Have a great day everyone!




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