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Anar – simply the best one in town

Anar, as maybe a few of you know is a Persian restaurant located at the Souk Madinat, Dubai. Many of my fellow review – and blogger colleagues talked about this place before. However the incredible high level of service received at Anar, every single time we visited this restaurant, deserves a very high level of media coverage. Talent and greatness have to be appreciated.

The very first time we stumbled over the restaurant was due to a recommendation we received from a lady back home in Austria, during our first year in the region – and we kept coming back ever since. It is the combination of breathtaking views, great authentic food and super service that act like magnets on us.

Every time we have guests over in the region we take them as an excuse to come back to Anar. The menu is filled with great hot and cold starters, followed by salads, rice dishes and Kebabs. It is a delight time and time again.

Anar image

The last time we went there we booked way in advance – because this is what you need to do when you aim for a dinner in the Souk, even during the week. Our brother, who happens to be half Persian, came along this time and wanted to check out what we had been on about for such a long time.


We ordered pomegranate, goat cheese salad, wine leafs and hot Soup – e Jow (barley soup with beef stock and carrots) for starters and four portions of Chelow Kabab Kubide served with grilled tomatoes and Saffron rice. We furthermore ordered one egg yoke for each person on the table and a shot of hot, melted butter. This is an insider tip, and definitely one worth trying. Pour the hot butter and the egg yolk over the Saffron rice and mix it carefully before you dig in. It is simply amazing and adds just a little more authenticity to your dining experience. Plus, if you do, the waiters will look at you with their eyes wide open and pay off you knowledge with a little smile.


It is just divine.

Enough about the food. We are not chefs and can only share what we experienced – quality and consistency, it what you get every time you visit Anar. And the service? Needless to say that the service, from the welcome to the farewell is just outstanding. Waiters are spot on, the speed of service is adequate and well paced, the attentiveness and care comes from their heart.


No this is not propaganda and marketing for Anar – we are leaving that bit up to themselves – this is just an honest review about honest people, who work in this industry to make others experience what they call – “the real Persian hospitality”.

Thank you Anar – بزودی


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