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Shanghai Chic – 6/10

Shanghai Chic – a restaurant with loads of potential, located in the middle of nowhere!
Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel, is not one of my favorites to be very honest! But we gave it a try and checked out their Asian restaurant! Always good for a surprise!
Up on arrival, the hostess greeted us very friendly and informed us that the food might be delayed, and not all items on the menu would be available, due to technical problems in the kitchen. We decided to give it a try, however thought that this might explain why the place was empty at around 8pm, on a Saturday!

The young lady took us to our table. She was very humble however her English still had some space for improvement. Followed by Michael, the waiter from Shanghai, who’s English was simply very poor. However the humble guy made us laugh!
‘Michael’ aka ‘Mr. Chan’ , kept smiling and really tried its best, but it just did not happen for him!
We wanted to know what ‘Calamari Hong Kong Causebay style’ means and Mr.Chan was so kind to explain the following: “calamari is a kind of seafood, causway bay is an area in Hong Kong and style is something like fashion!”

We only set there, trying to concentrate not to burst out from laughing and asked another time, specifically for the ingredients this time. However we failed again, must have been an intercultural communication error!

Well we finally ordered and when he repeated our order he mixed it all up, mains and starters served at the same time, or other way round – to him it did not really seem to matter, but you could see he was trying and kept smiling the whole time!
After taking our order, another two waiters served us. Michael was gone, and only came back to refill our water and wine. Either he got scared off by all our questions or told not to serve us anymore by his supervisors. We noticed the change and kept quite to observe further.
Later on, Mr. Chan told us he had been here for a year only and was originally from Shanghai. He would go on vacation soon and bring us some chop sticks as souvenir when he will return to Dubai after the Chinese New Year.

The restaurant itself was actually quite nice, held in deep red and black, huge lamps hanging from the ceiling, all in all a well designed place. The food was very well prepared, above all the Sweet and Sour Pork was just delicious!

Overall, the service was ok, the food very good and the restaurant itself a place with loads of potential. Staff are just lacking in basic product knowledge and English language training and a marketing team who knows how to promote this place and it would be quite beneficial for the restaurant’s future business development.

The Good: very nice place, and the food is nicely presented and tasty!

The Bad: no one would go there because it is located too far from the main city, unknown and one of Ibn Battuta Gate’s outlets.
The service staff definitely needs a lot of training, in all senses and smiling helps a lot, but in most cases does not convince guests of a professional service experience!

Well, we will give it a couple of months, return for the tasty pork and keep record whether or not the service improved!











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