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101 – The One&Only, Dubai

Good day to all of you. We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and an even better start into the year of 2015. We wish you love, luck, health, success and happiness from the bottom of our heart.

As the first review of the year we wanted to start with one of the best dining experiences we had in ages. Holidays and the start into a new year does not only mean new beginnings to us, but also new guests and family members to welcome in the city that never sleeps, or, never falls below 17 degrees Celsius as tourists call it. This time we had two very special guests over and therefore took them to one location which would blow their mind away. We chose the 101 – The One&Only, located on the Palm, Dubai.

101 - The One&Only Dubai by Day

There are two ways to reach the 101. Either you drive along the Palm, park at the One&Only and walk through the beautiful resort, or you book a seat on the hotel’s motor boat transfer and cruise over the water (a secret tip during sun set!). We chose option 2 and booked 4 sears on the boat a couple of days prior to our visit. We received a conformation email immediately as well as a notification of arriving a couple of minutes prior to departure in order to catch the boat. We initially planned to visit our beloved Jetty Lounge for pre – dinner drinks, but did not make it this time, due to traffic on Sheikh Zahyed Road.


Walking through Jetty Lounge on he way to the base, we noticed that Jetty luckily invested in a new exterior design – they added glass walls around the outdoor area to protect guests from the chilly breeze at night. Amazing, a delicate piece of design which makes it even more comfortable to relax and unwind at Jetty in future (we will be back!). The bar staff greeted us friendly and escorted us half way to the base, where we hopped on the boat and crossed the sea within a couple of minutes. The skyline from the water looked even more stunning than usual, and even us expats could not stop smiling, filled with joy and gratitude of being able to start 2015 in such elegance.

101 - The One&Only Dubai

At 101, two gentlemen helped us out of the boat, and escorted us to the hostess who then took over and seated us on our table inside. It was just beautiful – the ambiance, the half – open restaurant, the music and the smell of the food.

Seconds later, one of her colleagues offered us the menu cards and drinks to start. We placed our drinks order and glazed through the menu. While we were still busy with deciding on what to try, the waiter returned minutes later with mini – crab cakes as an entree from the kitchen and a pineapple cocktail – welcome drink on the house. What a welcome, what an impression.


We clinked the glasses and ordered our food. Artichokes, beef tartar, asparagus and fresh baby spinach, followed by tenderloin beef, chicken cream pasta, pan seared scallops and a baby chicken with fries.


The starters arrived quite quickly, and tasted just amazing. As soon as they were served they were cleared as well, and overall left an amazing taste and good memories behind only. In fact, another artichoke like the one we had, would not be a bad idea at all tonight.

In between the courses, the waiters followed up on our drinks and well being and allowed us some time to chit chat and a little break before the next meal. It was a great time to observe the happening around us and enjoy the beautiful decor and ambiance of the floating restaurant.


Just before 8.30 pm, our mains arrived. Well most of them, the baby chicken took a little longer than the other three meals and we nibbled on the french fries for a while until the bird was served. Grilled to perfection, spiced, fresh and just delicate would be words to describe what we enjoyed that night.


Our stomachaches were filled with so much food, love and happiness that all of us ordered a single Espresso to re-energize, but were surprised with another greeting from the kitchen, with little pastries and chocolate cakes topped with vanilla ice cream – Thank you Chef!

Towards the end the service got slower and slower, which was a bit of a downer, as we missed on of the boats back to the mainland, but the view and the ambiance, the welcome and 99% of the service through out the meal, made us forget the World for a couple of hours and enlightened us with some family – quality time.

We will be back, that is for sure. The next time maybe on a romantic, special occasion or a relaxed sun – downer drink with our other half.

Thank you 101 – The One&Only for the great experience.

Keep up the luxury and gratitude,


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