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1001 Nights at the Qasr Al Sultan Iftar Tent

Good evening to all of you.
Another day another time, and after sunset tonight for SEB this meant another venue. Iftar dinner at Qasr Al Sultan – Rixos on the Palm, Dubai.
We arrived just after sunset and driven by our hungry stomachs we expected a grand buffet, opulent decoration and super service.
When entering Qasr Al Sultan at Rixos the Palm, we were welcomed with a smile and asked to wait for our table to be ready. After a few minutes, a young lady in a beautiful traditional Turkish dress led us through the impressive Ramadan tent to our table.
To our surprise, she offered us a table for six, but it was only the two of us. Previously to our arrival we actually booked a table for Thursday night for four, cancelled and changed our reservation for two on Saturday. The confirmation email sent to us stated Friday for two. Obviously the restaurant reservation team must have confused the dates and summed up the reservation to a total of six.
As there was no other table available, we took a seat and looked around. The decoration was impressive indeed, accompanied by light Arabic music playing in the background. A wonderful scent of herbs, spices and freshly prepared food was in the air.
As no one passed by to offer beverages, we broke our fast with a date each and stormed off to the buffet.
We helped ourselves from the beautiful starters buffet, offering Hummus, Taboule and much, much more of the usual dishes one would expect.
While enjoying our starters we tried to catch someone’s attention to be served. No one saw or acknowledged us.
Finally one waiter passed by, and noticed us as we called him. He said:”Would you like a welcome drink or order a juice?”
After almost 15 minutes after arrival, we still decided for a welcome drink. One could choose from rose water, yogurt, mint lime and other bitter sweet pre-mixes.
We finished our starters and took another tour around the buffet for our mains. “Sorry we do not have plates!” Obviously, the place was packed tonight, and during the meal all three buffet stations ran out of plates and cutlery. Good for the revenue, not so great for hungry guests waiting at the buffet. While waiting for plates, we observed all other people working there as chefs, waiters or hostesses.
Some of them looked really busy, maybe a bit stressed, others were on the phone, and others either at the guest or at the bar to get fresh drinks. However non of them smiled once. Everyone looked serious, looked down on the floor while working or stared at their stations and buffets, like targets.
“Here are you plates!”, a young man said, who looked down on a pile of plates he carried, and I helped myself. The food was good, too good, as again we ate too much.
We asked for the obligatory Arabic coffee and some medium sweet Turkish coffee while enjoying our sweets. The General Manager took a seat at the table next to us and noticed that we were again trying to get the attention of one of his colleagues. He called one of them over, pointed in our direction and send him to ask if we needed assistance.
We only asked for the bill.
The food was good, the ambience fantastic however the service offers space for improvement. We excepted it to be more attentive and personalized. Taking out the family or friends, I would still highly recommend the place, as again the ambience and atmosphere was great and the food authentic and delicious.
We will return too, next time for a Shisha on the extensive Beach Lounge after Ramadan.
A bientot at Rixos,










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