Welcome to Servicexellence

Welcome to Servicexcellence

At Servicexcellence we value good food and a nice experience as much as you do. This is why, we take the time to review hotels, restaurants, bistros and other hospitality outlets to share our experience and views on customer service with you.

Servicexcellence was founded in 2012, when the creator and founder Sofie Pickhard used the World Wide Web as an online diary of where to go out for dinner, and which places to avoid. It was not long after the first online entry, before she received an email from one of her followers, thanking for the review.  Servicexcellence made the decision to combine taste and the experience gathered within the hospitality industry and to share the knowledge and point of views on customer service in future.

Servicexcellence, shares real – life experiences of diners, deliveries or fine dining outlets around the city, focusing on PEOPLE more than on PRODUCTS.

Servicexcellence – Service Consultancy & Development, debriefed out of the great response and interactions of followers and Sofie’s past decade in the hospitality and training industry. Looking at the local community and the demand of excellent SERVICE in this region, Servicexcellence’s vision is…

“… to be the preferred service consultant for hospitality industry related businesses, by adding expertise, experience and value to organizations, enabling them to evolve to the next level of EXCELLENT SERVICE.

Our reviews on Servicexcellence Blog, as well as our consultancy services and customized development programs, we  follow the same core values, in every interaction we engage in …

Quality – Consistency – Innovation – Excellence


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